đŸ“ĨBuying NFTs

Step-by-step guide to buying NFTs on DumpEX

1. Identify the NFT you want to buy

  • Find the NFT you want to buy by looking at the DumpEX contract page on Etherscan

  • Note the NFTs address and token ID

2. Calculate the current price

  • On the DumpEX contract page, see when the last NFT in the collection was sold to DumpEX

  • Calculate the current Dutch auction price for the NFT using the following formula: (Price in ETH) = 100 - (seconds since the last sale) / 10000

3. Buy the NFT

  • Navigate to the DumpEX contract page

  • Go to Contract > Write Contract > buyNFT

  • Enter the price you calculated at step 2 to the payableAmount (ether) field. Multiply the price by 10^18 to represent it in decimal terms

  • Enter the address of the NFT to the nftAddress field

  • Enter the token ID to the tokenID field

  • Click write and approve the transaction

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